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Safe Babies® Apron

Safe Babies® Apron in the Back Safe Babies® Apron in the Front
Safe Babies® Apron
Safe Babies® Apron

Our Effective Safe Babies® Apron

In a dangerous situation, the safest place for a baby to be is close to your body. When you use Safe Babies® Apron, you can have peace of mind knowing that the infants that are under your care won't be able to get into further danger. We have more than 20 years of experience serving customers nationwide and worldwide. Contact us today for more information.

Keeping Babies Safe During Dangerous Situations

Safe Babies® Apron has been purchased by more than 1,600 hospitals (NICU and Mother Baby Units) in the United States as well as by hundreds of child care and development centers and children's church ministries. Our specialized infant evacuation apron is recognized as an efficient and effective way to evacuate infants during emergencies (such as fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods) or when the environment cannot support adequate care. We support the emergency preparedness requirements of Homeland Security, JCAHO, and state child care licensing.

Safe Babies® Apron's Smart Design Features

The Safe Babies® Apron is worn by caregivers and other staff members in order to assist in the safe evacuation of infants. Each Safe Babies® Apron has two pouches in front and two in the back, allowing each staff member to carry a total of four infants to safety outside of the facility. The one-piece construction of the apron doesn't contain seams at the shoulders or lower edges, preventing babies from tumbling out during an emergency. Safe Babies® Apron's design features include:

  • A Universal Front/Back Orientation That Prevents Confusion During an Emergency Situation
  • Velcro® Side Fasteners for Quick, Strong, & Adjustable Closures
  • A One-Size-Fits-All Design
  • Made From Heavy-Duty, Durable, & Washable 100% Cotton Duck Fabric
  • A Bright, Visible International Yellow Color (for Easy Recognition During Emergency Situations)
  • Flat, Compact Storage
  • 100% Made In the United States
Woman Wearing the Safe Babies® Apron

Our Great Safety Features

Infants are individually placed in the Safe Babies® Apron's pockets while they are still wrapped in their warm blankets or clothes. The babies are held close to the staff member's body for protection and warmth. Meanwhile, the staff members' arms are free to open doors, carry other infants, or assist another person with other infants.

The bright yellow apron is made of naturally fire resistant cotton duck, and it contains no harmful chemicals. A clear, heavy-duty, zip-top bag is included for easy identification, and it keeps the Safe Babies® Apron clean and ready for use.