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Safe Babies® infant emergency evacuation apron
  • Purchased by more than 1,500 hospitals as well as hundreds of child care/development centers and children's church ministries.
  • Recognized as an efficient and effective way to evacuate infants from Hospitals (NICU and Mother-Baby Units), Child Care Centers, and Church Nurseries during emergencies such as fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods or when the environment cannot support adequate care.
  • Supports Homeland Security, JCAHO and State Child Care Licensing emergency preparedness requirements.

Design Features

  • The Safe Babies® apron is worn by caregivers and other staff to assist in the safe evacuation of infants. Each Safe Babies® apron has two pouches/pockets in front and two in back allowing each staff member to carry a total of four infants to safety outside the facility.
  • The one-piece construction of the apron contains no seams at shoulder or lower edges, preventing babies from tumbling out during an emergency.
  • Universal front/back orientation prevents confusion during an emergency situation.
  • Velcro® side fasteners for quick, strong and adjustable closures.
  • One size fits all design.
  • Heavy-duty, durable and washable 100% cotton duck fabric.
  • Bright, visible, international yellow color for easy recognition during emergency situations.
  • Flat, compact storage.
  • 100% made in the USA.

Safety Features

  • Infants are individually placed in the Safe Babies® pouches/pockets while still wrapped in their warm blankets or clothes and are held close to the staff member’s body for protection and warmth.
  • Staff members’ arms are free to open doors, carry other infants, or to assist another person with other infants.
  • The bright yellow apron is made of naturally fire resistant cotton duck and contains no harmful chemicals. A clear heavy duty zip-top bag is included for easy identification and to keep the Safe Babies® apron clean, ready for use.


Safe Babies® Ordering Information
To purchase the Safe Babies® infant emergency evacuation apron please contact us via email at sales@safebabiesaprons.com or by telephone at (800) 517-6911 or (530) 292-1159 or by fax at (530) 292-1243. We will be happy to provide you with a written Price Quote based upon the quantity you want to order.


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